Viewing and accepting opportunities

You will receive an email notification from ClearVoice anytime there is work available, whether it's a casting opportunity, a first-come, first-served opportunity or a direct assignment.

To review an opportunity from your dashboard:

1. Click the "Opportunities" tab on the left.

2. Select the opportunity you would like to view to see more details.

3. If it's a casting opportunity, express interest in the assignment by clicking "Interested" or decline the assignment by clicking "Not Interested." If it's a first-come, first-served opportunity or a direct assignment, click "Accept" or "Decline."

4. If you accept the opportunity, it will be moved to your "Assignments" tab, where you can begin writing the assignment directly within the ClearVoice editor.

Beginning an assignment

Once you accept an opportunity, it will turn into an assignment.

To access your assignments:

1. Navigate to the "Assignments" tab on the left.

2. Select the assignment you would like to view or begin writing. You also can sort your assignments by their status using the following tabs (located up top): "Accepted," "Submitted" and "Completed."

ClearVoice automatically saves your assignment as a draft every few seconds. You can save, exit and return to your assignment at any time.

Submitting an assignment

Before submitting your assignment, make sure you have reached the word count requirement and do not need to make any changes. (Your assignment cannot be submitted if the word count isn't met.)

To submit your assignment:

1. Click "Save."

2. Click the green "Submit Your Assignment" button at the bottom of your workspace.

Once you submit your assignment, the status will change from "In Progress" to "Pending Review."

Note: You can use the "Messages" tab in your sidebar to send notes about the assignment to the editor at anytime.

The editor has two days to make a revision request, and you will be alerted if there are any. You also will be alerted when the assignment is approved.

 Viewing a revision request and making revisions

An account editor or strategist may request revisions to your assignment. If they do, you will be notified via email. You can click the link in the email to view the revision request, or you can access the revision request from your dashboard.

To access revision requests from your dashboard:

1. Log in and go to the "Assignments" tab.

2. Select the assignment with a red indicator on it (that is the assignment that has a pending revision request).

3. In your right sidebar, click on the "Revisions" tab to view the editor's notes.

4. To begin making the requested edits, click the pencil icon in your sidebar.

5. When you are done with a revision, click the green checkmark in your sidebar to indicate the revision is complete. When you are done, re-submit the assignment to notify the editor.

Receiving and sending messages

If an editor or strategist sends you a message, you will be notified via email and you can access the message by clicking on the link (you will need to be logged in). Alternatively, you can view new messages from the "Assignments" tab.

To view messages from your dashboard:

1. Select the assignment with a red indicator on it (that is the assignment that has a message associated with it).

2. Once you are in that assignment, click on the "Messages" tab in your right sidebar to view the message.

3. Respond by typing directly in the white box and clicking "Send." The editor will be notified of your reply.

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