Wondering what you need to have to be approved for the ClearVoice Marketplace? You have come to the right place! 

Here are the requirements needed to be approved for the marketplace. 

Profile Information Requirements 

The following requirements are related to the details of your profile. If more than one of the following requirements are missing, your profile will be marked incomplete

  • A professional headshot or photo for your avatar image 
  • A bio and/or tagline
  • At least one link to a social profile (Twitter or Google+) 
  • A personal website or portfolio site 
  • Must have six or more articles (preferably at least 20) 
  • All articles must display correctly; for example, the post below on the left displays correctly, whereas the post on the right does not. Email us if any of your posts look like the one on the right. Note: If you are trying to add PDFs, read this FAQ.  

Writing Experience Requirements 

The following requirements are related to your writing ability and experience level. ClearVoice aims to provide high-quality, established writers to our customers on each and every assignment. If you do not meet all of the following requirements, we will not accept your application. 

  • The majority of articles must be published on professional-looking, high-quality websites or blogs. Published work should be on well-known, recognizable and at the very least, appealing sites. 
  • ClearVoice does not accept any writers with content associated with spam, bad neighborhoods, link building, ezine/content farms, etc. 
  • Portfolio must represent work from a variety of sites. Exception: Single reputable site or blog, such as Forbes. Or single reputable site, which showcases in-depth subject matter expertise and credibility with an audience.
  • Bio information must be well-written and free of errors. 

If you are new to writing and do not have this experience, we encourage you to gain experience through other platforms. Here are two blog posts to get you started: 

Your ClearVoice profile will remain live and can be updated at anytime. 

Additional Requirements 

In addition to a complete profile and strong writing experience, ClearVoice may not accept your application to our marketplace due to the following: 

  • We are at writer capacity at your industry and are not onboarding new applicants at this time. 
  • Your subject matter expertise is not clear. We need to know what you write about. If you are a generalist who covers all topics, explain so in your bio.  
  • At this time we only serve English-language customers, so we are not looking for non-English speakers. 
  • Your subject area is too niche, so you won't get relevant assignments. However, we'll keep you in mind for the future. 

If your profile is no longer incomplete or you feel we made a mistake, contact us at support@clearvoice.com.  

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