Invite and establish roles for your colleagues within your account, so you can begin collaborating.

1. Navigate to Users/Teams

  • From your dashboard, click "Create" and then "User."
  • You're now on a screen asking what your new user does. 
  • Click on their primary role: "Strategist," "Editor," or "Writer."

2. Invite & Select Payment Option

  • Enter the user's name and email address. Both fields are required.
  • Check the "Pay through ClearVoice" box if you plan to pay the team member through the platform. **Any user type can be marked as payable through ClearVoice, but they can only be paid for assignments in which they are designated as the 'Freelancer' (the writer).
  • Click "Invite User." The user will be notified via email and directed to account setup.

Note: Strategists have the highest level of access. They generally plan and assign content to an editor and creator. However, you can delegate editing duties to a strategist. Learn more about user roles here.

To modify a user's settings or role:

  1. From your dashboard, navigate to Manage > Users
  2. Click the name user you would like to modify
  3. From the right sidebar you can:
  • Make them payable to not payable through the platform
  • Change their user role
  • Change their byline preference
  • Add a note about the user

To deactivate a user/remove them from your account:

  1. From your dashboard, navigate to Manage > Users
  2. Click the name of the user you would like to deactivate
  3. Navigate the the top right of the page and click "Deactivate"

*Note: Only Account Owners and Strategists can modify users

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