Whether you are a client, agency or freelancer, this guide will explain the optimal method for creating content assignments in ClearVoice.

There are consistent elements included in each brief created. To save time and energy, start by creating a template you can easily duplicate for future assignments. To begin, go to Create > Assignment.

Creating a Template Title for Internal Processes: 

  1. The title of your template should look like this: “Template [Status goes here] Month (#) Title Goes Here”
  2. “Template” signals that this is only a draft assignment in your account to be duplicated, preventing others from tampering with it.
  3. The text in brackets offers a space to track the status of an article (i.e. If it’s awaiting review from your legal department or put on hold to accommodate your editorial calendar.)
  4. The “#” in brackets is for tracking how many articles this will make for the month, year or your blog’s lifetime. This can help you meet quotas and easily pick up where you left off.

Once your template title is created, you can then individually add different features such as a writer on the assignment, price, deadline, as well as specific campaign this falls under.

Additional Fields:

  1. Instructions: The instructions section is your chance to include comprehensive detail your writers should consider as they create each article. This includes information like the core competencies of your brand, a brief description of your target audience, competitors to avoid, preferred terminology, where this content will live, stylistic standards and more. It’s also useful to add placeholders for different headline options, an article summary, subheadings (outlining different sections of the article), keywords, metadata, an introduction, a conclusion and a call to action
  2. Click on the “Advanced Fields” button to reveal additional fields. 

If you have any questions with this process please let us know at support@clearvoice.com. The process above has been a successful way to push content with other accounts in the past, however, the platform is yours to explore however you choose! 

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