Adding a team to your ClearVoice account is a great way for multiple in-house users to reference the same group of talent. These teams can be freelancers that might be good for a specific campaign, writers that match a certain niche, or simply writers that you have worked well with in the platform. Create a team by doing the following:

Go to Talent > Teams

Click "Create Team" in the Upper Right Hand Corner

Create a new Team Name

Add Members who are Active/Favorited in your Account

Once you have a team of writers you are comfortable working with, there are a number of associated benefits that will come from having your team of freelancers:

  • Sending pitch requests to a delegated team
  • Internal organization of your talent (who is good for what)
  • Streamlined platform usage when dispatching assignments (send directly to a team)
  • Communication with freelancers on a group level

Teams are a great way to ensure your assignments are picked up by the network and hit on your desired deadlines. If you have any questions on how you might want to utilize teams, feel free to reach out to We’d be happy to help!

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