Editing and Collaborating for Marketplace Assignments:

When it comes to editing marketplace assignments, Strategists and Editors have two options:

1. Request revisions from the freelancer (up to two rounds of revisions).

2. Start editing. Previous versions of the article will be saved under the History tab.

How to Request Revisions from a Creator:

1. From the 'My Assignments' tab on your dashboard, navigate to the 'Create' tab.

2. Select the assignment you wish to edit. Its status will read 'Pending Review.'

3. Highlight any areas you wish to change, and click the comment bubble in the editor to make comments.

4. Click 'Save.' Repeat as needed. You will see a list of all comments made under the 'Messages' tab.

5. When you are done making comments, you can also send the writer general instructions from the Messages tab.

6. When you are finished, you must click 'Send back to {Creator Name}' to send the assignment back to the writer. An email will be sent to the Creator outlining your request(s). You will be notified when they complete the revisions.

See collaborative editing in action:

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