Everyone is creating content. The topics are different, but one question is the same:

“How do I get people to read my content?”

The answer is complex, but there is a universal first step, however — target the right types of readers (and eventually, make them customers) by creating personas.

Creating Personas

Create personas for your content by navigating to, Create > Persona.

Name is the only required field, so you can put as many or as few details as desired.

Manage, Edit, Assign Personas

Manage, edit or delete your personas anytime by navigating to Manage > Personas.

When creating campaigns, you can also attach up to three personas to them. This way it will populate every time you select that campaign.

OK...but HOW do I create them?

Personas can be based on customer data, analytics and research, common sense or a combination of it all.

Read more about the importance of personas here, or a guide on how to make them here.

Once completed, personas will fuel your content strategy, editorial planning and other marketing efforts.

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