If you’re an established (or aspiring) designer, you may have some questions on how to best set up your CV portfolio to fit what clients will be looking for. Take a look at the freelancer portfolio below as well as the best practices in setting up your design CV. 

Meet Jeannine Thompson. Jeannine is a successful ClearVoice creative who works with a number of clients in our network. She has done more than a few things right in setting up her CV to showcase past works and expertise. Here’s just a bit of what sets her apart:

  1. Work is sectioned by Content Type

Clients want to know exactly what you can offer. Jeannine has set up a number of sections with different content types (Ebook design, Illustrations, Infographics etc). Showcasing the different pieces you have worked on in a categorized way makes for higher credibility in your CV overall.

2. Content is uploaded in a visually appealing way 

Jeannine does a great job of providing the specific design in the most original format. Some uploads or screenshots of work diminish the original work, and from a client’s perspective, this is an immediate red flag. Work to upload your content in a way that is appealing and easy to view.

3. Expertise is Explained

On top of Jeannine’s content pieces, she also goes into detail the past experience she’s had as a designer. Your CV bio is a great place to articulate these three things:

  • Design platform(s) you use
  • Past clients you've worked with (pending their permission)
  • Content types you've designed/are most comfortable with

Curating a CV like Jeannine’s can be extremely helpful in winning more work. Best of luck with your profile updates and always feel free to reach out at support@clearvoice.com

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