Did you hear the news? ClearVoice is now part of a public company! Our parent company, Fiverr, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on June 14th. In celebration, our product team dropped a number of updates including an all new brand dashboard, publications improvements and more (see below): 

New Brand Dashboards

It’s a new day for brands, with a brand new page to land on. Welcome to the latest ClearVoice publisher dashboard! There’s a new and improved experience for our brand and agency users when first logging into the platform. Our goals of this refresh were to make it easier to use the dashboard as a “launch pad” for getting to where you need to be, faster. 

For example, you now have the ability to quickly create an assignment, pitch, or find talent directly from the dashboard.  Also, for account owners, you can now get a quick financial view into the funds you have available, committed, and spent month-to-date. 

What else is new in your dashboard?

  • A module for new and sorted items that need your attention
  • A section for your 25 most recent messages on the login page giving you a fast-track to your latest conversations. For any unread messages in a message thread, a red circle with the unread count will be displayed.
  • A view into assignment activity, so you can stay up to speed on the latest assignment updates.
  • A breakdown of campaigns with associated assignment counts and drill downs. 

New Publications View

 You also may have noticed in your Manage→ Publications screen you have a new way of viewing all of your publications!  We’ve standardized the publications page to reflect the much-loved table view of some of our other functionality (like assignments and concepts).

You can now keep track of all publications in a neat, and tidy list view as shown below.

Other Updates and Notable Bug Fixes

Pitch Requests Drop the Start Date

We’ve condensed the Pitch Request screen user experience to create a simpler look and feel.  This meant dropping the “start date” functionality, after we noticed low occasions of the field being used. 

Added Clarity an Opt-In to Delete Assignments

In response to many “what will happen if I delete this?” support tickets, we’ve added some clarity to our pop-up that appears when you are about to delete an assignment that is already in progress.  This includes more details about what deleting that assignment is electing you to opt-into.  

*If you ever experience issues with needing to retract or delete an assignment that a writer is already working on, and do not wish to pay the assignment price, we encourage you to submit a support ticket.

Bigger Text on Multi-Select

If multi-select fields were hard on your eyes, you’re in luck because we’ve updated this! We have enlarged and, emboldened text in multi-select fields and clarified styles to make them easier to read.

Phew...that’s it for this month! Stay tuned for more updates on the ClearVoice products in the months to come. We’ve got tons of exciting things on the roadmap for you!

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