New Campaign Description

What used to be an internal reference in your campaigns field (Campaign Description) will now be outward facing to the freelancers. It will be important that you go in and edit out any information that is directed to your internal team and/or process. Freelancers will now have access to this information once a campaign is saved to an assignment or pitch request. See below:



New Campaign Fields

We updated our new Campaign fields to consolidate what's important and create an even better experience for all. We have removed "Takeaway" and replaced "Brand Integration" with "Brand Guidelines." The goal is to provide a clear and transparent space within the campaigns to fill out the information necessary to generate high quality content. See below

Other Updates

Freelancers now have the ability to opt out of pitch requests if they choose. This will help clean up their dashboard from ongoing pitches or outdated pitch requests where help is no longer needed. 

If you have questions... you know where to find us! Contact and we'd be happy to help. 

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