If you have received an opportunity and you’re wondering who you’ll report to, take a second and review the different faces you might see in the network and what they are good for. You will see each of these individuals at different times throughout the course of your freelance journey with ClearVoice. Here’s who can help with what: 

Sam Neeser

Sam is the Talent Support Manager here at ClearVoice. He works directly with freelancers, editors, and managing editors on setting up portfolio’s, establishing relationships with clients, and succeeding overall in the platform. He’s great for questions on:

  • Navigating the Platform
  • Communicating with Clients
  • Payment on Work
  • Account Expectations and Work Volume

Luke Wolfe

Luke is our internal Managing Editor. He makes sure freelance editors have all the tools they need to deliver content that exceeds brand expectations. He also works directly with clients in ensuring freelancer content is hitting the mark and aligning with larger content goals. You may see Luke as a ‘follower’ on some of your assignments. Luke is great for questions on:

  • Content Requirements (style/tone/formatting)
  • Editor Expectations

Sarah Maschoff, Richard Boehmcke, Brian Driggs, and Kayla Tarantino

These individuals are the Customer Success Managers on your account. They are working directly with the client to establish content goals, execution, and fulfillment. You will sometimes see them messaging editors and clients in the messaging tab of the assignment you are working on. Should you have any questions related to the content, seek out Sam or your editor first, followed by your success manager. If you don’t know who the editor may be on the account, feel free to ask! 

Your Managing Editor

Some accounts will have a managing editor role associated. This person is in charge of ensuring content production is on time and on par with expectations. They facilitate the sending of assignments as well as the transfer of pieces to secure that each piece is getting full attention. Managing Editors may ask you to revise certain pieces of content. Feel free to get to know your ‘ME’ and collaborate on how you can best work together to create quality content. 

Always feel free to reach out to support@clearvoice.com should you have any questions. Also, if you might be interested in the freelance Managing Editor role referenced above and would like to hear more, let us know! We’re always looking for great candidates to help us out. 

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