We’re starting off the year right with a brand new workflow option for our ClearVoicers to utilize. Up first in 2020 is our Final Approver feature. 

The Final Approver is available to all clientele who might have a select individual who needs to give a final okay on a piece of content. Writers will submit work to editors as normal, revisions will occur, and once everything is ready to go, the editor has the ability to send along to the last individual responsible for officially approving. 

This is aimed to help clients and freelancers alike, understanding where pieces are at in the content production process as well as identifying in specific stages who is responsible for the content, and when. 

You can navigate to the Final Approver option in your assignments tab. Under the assignment instructions you’ll find strategist, editor, and now ‘Final Approver.’ This can be anyone that needs to have a final look at the piece of work. 

As a Writer: 

Nothing in this process changes much for you as the writer. The only difference is there will be more than one person taking a look at your content. The writer may be responsible for additional edits that the original editor hadn’t caught yet. 

As an Editor:

Once you’re ready to send the piece off to a Final Approver, you’ll see the ‘Approve’ button down below. Please note that this is different than the ‘Approve & Pay’ button that you might be used to. That will prompt a note for the Final Approver to take a look at the piece of content. 

Be sure to check if there are any other editors on the assignment. If you don't see anything, you are the only editor (and final approver) on the piece. 

*Freelancers will not get paid until the final approver has approved the piece*

As a Final Approver:

If you’re wondering where you are responsible for work in the platform, look for the purple status under Manage>Assignments. Along with a prompted email, you’ll also be able to see everything that is ‘Pending Final Approval.’ Your approval. 

Once you find the pieces that need your eye, you’ll have the ability to send articles back to the editor for more reworks as well as approve and publish the content if all is good. 

If you have any questions regarding the new feature, how others might be using it, or how you can best optimize the feature, never hesitate to reach out to support@clearvoice.com

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