You can duplicate, archive or delete assignments in ClearVoice so your work area is organized and more efficient. To do so:

  1. Access the "i" menu in the right rail menu of the assignment. (Skip to step 3 for draft assignments). 
  2. Click, "Edit Assignment Details."
  3. Access the action buttons at the top of the page and choose desired action.    

You can also delete the assignment if it's in the following statuses; Draft, In Progress, Pending Review* and Revision Requested*.
*Keep in mind the writer will still get paid if assignment is delete when in these statuses. Contact us if there is a dispute. 

To recap, the following actions are available with the following statuses: 

  • Status of assignment - Available actions
  • Draft - Duplicate, Archive, Delete
  • In Progress - Duplicate, Delete
  • Offered - Duplicate
  • Pending Review - Duplicate, Delete
  • Revision Requested - Duplicate, Archive, Delete
  • Published - Duplicate, Archive
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