What is the Overview on the Dashboard?

The Overview will show you how many assignments are in each status for the brand(s) you manage in ClearVoice.

If you only manage one brand in ClearVoice, your Overview in the dashboard will look like this:

If you have multiple brands for your clients that you manage in ClearVoice, your Overview in the dashboard will look more like this:

There are only 6 brands showing but I have more than that, where are the rest?

By default, the overview will show up to 6 brands. If you have more than this, fear not! Just click on the Show all accounts button in the top left corner of the Overview, and you will see all of your brands.

What do all of the column headers mean in the Overview?

The column headers match up with the different statuses that assignments can fall under while being completed in ClearVoice.

Total- will give you the sum of all assignments in progress for that brand. The numbers at the top in the dark blue, give the sum of assignments in that status, for all brands you are managing.

Auto Approval Risk- means there are assignments that are awaiting approval and will auto approve within 7 days. Per our terms, any assignment that is not approved or sent back for edits within 14 days, will automatically be approved by the system.

How do I use this information?

The Overview is intended to give you an actionable list of assignments for each of the brands you manage. Clicking on any of the numbers in the Overview will take you to the detailed assignment view for that brand, for assignments in that corresponding status. As the numbers get larger, you will see color coding occur. Yellow or Red numbers should be acknowledged and acted upon. These could be assignments that are stacking up waiting to be approved, or assignments that are waiting to be reviewed by an editor. Whatever the status, the Overview allows you to drill down into those assignments to make sure content is moving through ClearVoice and being published for your brand(s).

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