Deadline requirements when working with first time writers

Marketplace assignments created by new writers take at least seven business days to complete. This allows time for you to be connected with a writer of your choosing and time for the writer to complete the assignment. We also recommend allowing time for revision requests, for your first few marketplace assignments. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Two business days to match you with writers (giving writers time to apply)
  • Two days for you to select an applicant
  • Three days for the writer to complete and submit an assignment
  • (Optional) Revision requests 

Here are some frequently asked questions about deadlines in the Marketplace: 

Freelancer late to turn in their assignment?

See FAQ on late assignments

Deadline requirements when re-hiring a writer

Once you have hired a ClearVoice freelancer for an assignment from a list of applicants, you can hire them again directly, as many times as you would like. Also, when you hire a freelancer directly, you can set your own deadline. The seven day requirement does not apply for direct assignments.

Are there deadlines on revision requests?

There are no set deadlines on revision requests. We recommend giving the writer at least two business days, but you can request a due date in your messages to the writer. 

Are there late penalties?  If you receive an assignment late and the writer is not responding to messages, contact your customer success manager or email us at We will ensure the appropriate action is taken. Also see: How to dispute an assignment 

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