There are two ways to create an assignment. The first, is from the Manage Assignments page, and the second is from the "Add" button in the bottom left of the ClearVoice platform. Both methods will yield the same results, so use whichever you'd like.

To create an Assignment from the Manage Assignments page:

  1. Select Manage > Assignments from the left side menu
  2. In the top right corner of that view, select Create New Assignment

To create an Assignment from the "Add" button:

  1. Click the + button in the bottom left of your screen while logged into the ClearVoice platform
  2. Select Assignment

When you get to filling out the assignment form, required fields are marked with a red *. The key fields to consider are:

  1. Who will create the content? (select a team member, a saved user from the Talent Directory, or use the “Send to Talent Network” option)

2. Content Type. This will let the writer know what kind of content you're looking for

3. Minimum word count

4. Price (not required for internal team members)

5. Due date (must be seven days out if you’re using a freelancer from the ClearVoice Talent Network)

6. Publication Date (date you plan to publish this piece of content

7. Assignment name (working title or naming convention you use)

8. Instructions (provide as much detail as possible for the writer)

Your instructions should be the top things that the writer needs to follow on the provided assignment.

Once the required fields are filled out, click “Send” and your assignment will be dispatched to the Talent Network or a writer on your team.

Advanced Fields

In addition to the above fields, there are advanced fields which can improve your content creation process.

Publication date - Provide a target publication date so you’ll get notifications and can use your editorial calendar for planning.

Campaign - Use campaigns for organizing content. Read more here.

Byline- indicate whether or not the writer's byline will be utilized on the final publication

Strategist, Editor- Set the Strategist and Editor of assignments so they get notifications and can manage their workload. Read about user roles here.

Final Approver- If you use a final approver on assignments for your account, set them here.

Target Keywords - Add keywords for assignments. Keywords will save and repopulate if you need to reuse them.

Publication - Set up publications so content can be pushed to your Wordpress (as a draft).

Tones - Choose up to five tones to help define content voice.

Personas - If you have personas created, select whichever one is most relevant for the article.

Editorial Guidelines - Enter rules for the writer to follow. These can be editorial or style guidelines, and they can be tied to specific campaigns. Learn more about tying writer guidelines to campaigns here.

Reference materials - Upload relevant files or post URLs with attached notes for direction.

Best of luck with your assignment! Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to reach out via the Chat at the bottom of this page or to

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