So, you've signed up for ClearVoice (and we thank you for that) but, now what?

Here are some basic steps to get you going:

  • Invite other users as a Strategist, Editor, or Creator or a payable Creator. Learn more about user roles here.
  • Create content Teams for better workflow management and easy dispatching to creators on a first come, first serve basis
  • Use Content Studio to brainstorm for content topics, research a topic or keyword's social performance, and save resource articles
  • Create an overarching content strategy using Campaigns, Concepts, and Personas
  • Add account funds in order to hire a content creator using the ClearVoice Marketplace
  • Create a marketplace assignment and begin a casting call to find a content creator to write it in as early as a week
  • Connect your Publication(s) to your account to automatically push content to your CMS
  • Bookmark the ClearVoice login page for quick access

More help:

  • Browse our Help Center for tutorial videos and information about platform features
  • Submit a support request if you have any issues or questions

Now, go create some great content!

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