Invite and establish roles for your colleagues within your account, so you can begin collaborating.

  1. Navigate to Active Talent > New (Left Hand Side within the Talent Icon)
  • From your dashboard, click "Talent" and then "Active Talent (New)."
  • You're now on a screen asking what your new user does.¬†
  • Click on their primary role: "Strategist," "Editor," or "Writer."

2. Invite & Select Payment Option

  • Enter the user's name and email address. Both fields are required.
  • Check the "Pay through ClearVoice" box if you plan to pay the team member through the platform. **Any user type can be marked as payable through ClearVoice, but they can only be paid for assignments in which they are designated as the 'Freelancer' (the writer).
  • Click "Invite User." The user will be notified via email and directed to account setup.

*Note*: Strategists have the highest level of access. They generally plan and assign content to an editor and creator. However, you can delegate editing duties to a strategist. Learn more about user roles here.

To modify a user's settings or role:

  1. From your dashboard, navigate Talent > Active Talent 
  2. Click the name user you would like to modify
  3. Next to Save and Favorite, click the ..... option
  4. Click 'Edit'
  5. Click the information symbol on the top right corner. You will be able to change the status from there

Here you can also:

  • Make them payable to not payable through the platform
  • Change their byline preference
  • Add a note about the user

To deactivate a user/remove them from your account:

  1. From your dashboard, navigate to Talent > Active Talent
  2. Click the name of the user you would like to deactivate
  3. Next to Save and Favorite, click the .... option
  4. Click Deactivate

*Note: Only Account Owners and Strategists can modify users

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