A Guide to Content Calendars in SmartSheet

SmartSheet is the program that we use to house each customer’s content calendar. The SmartSheet Content Calendars will give you visibility on all upcoming content, as well as house ideation. These content calendars will serve as a source of truth for contracted scope and fulfillment across accounts. In Slack, Smartsheet content calendars will be bookmarked at the top of each account channel.



Here is an example of what a content calendar looks like. 


We ask that you help us update a few fields within the SmartSheet content calendar. Refer to the video above for additional information.


Here are the following fields you will be asked to update:

  • Assignment ID
  • Status
  • Content name  (ME will drop in the initial ideation title, but producers should update if it doesn't match what was dispatched in the platform)
  • Content additional details (if necessary: links, ideation notes, or discrepancies – e.g., if the word count in the client-provided brief doesn't match up with what's in the content plan, just for visibility)
  • Dispatch date
  • Ideation topics at the bottom of the Smartsheet


For transparency, you are NOT responsible for:

  • Contract service period
  • Platform status (this is automatic once the ID is added)
  • Content type (ME will update if there's a scope change, upsell, or a word bucket account)
  • Name type (ME will update once ideation has been approved by the client)
  • Brief status
  • Any of the locked date fields
  • CSM, ME, or TM fields
  • Release to producer
  • Producer
  • Extend due date
  • Extend auto approval date
  • Ideation date
  • Word count