April 2022 Deployments

  • Add "Dispatch Date" to the platform UI- You will now see an assignment dispatch date on Draft assignments, to help users know when specific assignments will be sent out for completion.  Once an assignment is dispatched, you will still see the due date as you are use to.
  • When editing an active assignment, you can now view the assignment's instruction tray in the rightrail.  This will allow Producers to confirm updates to the assignment as they make them and see what the instructions will look like to writers working on the assignments.
  • Keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming enhancements to Brand Profiles-  We have an upcoming release with updates to the Brand Profiles in ClearVoice, and enhancing visibility to them.  You will receive an email in the coming days with more information and contact info for questions.
  • Help Center Survey- We currently have a user survey up on our Knowledge Base and want to know if you have requests for additional resources.  Fill out the survey in the banner of the Help Center at help.clearvoice.com and let us know of any additions we should make!