Brand Profile - How to Find it and How it Works


What is a brand profile? And how should you, as a producer, use it to ensure consistency and quality in the content you create for your clients?
A brand profile is a comprehensive document that outlines a client's brand identity, guidelines, and preferences. It's a crucial resource for producers and writers to understand the client's expectations and create content that aligns with their unique style and voice.
Key points to remember:
  • Find the brand profile attached to each assignment and under the "Manage" section in the left-hand rail.
  • Review the brand profile thoroughly before starting the content creation process.
  • Use the brand profile as a reference when editing assignments, ensuring consistency with the client's style and preferences.
  • The Managing Editor (ME) is your primary point of contact for questions related to the brand profile and content creation.
  • Communicate recurring client requests or feedback to the ME in Slack, so they can update the brand profile accordingly.
By leveraging the brand profile and keeping these key points in mind, you can ensure high-quality content that stays true to each client's unique brand identity and maintains consistency across all content.