Communicating with your Client in ClearVoice

Using the tagging feature within the messaging page

Using the messaging within the ClearVoice application is the best way to keep your communications about your content in one location. Messaging within the platform allows everyone to see what has been talked about and keep up to date with a pitch or assignment. Whether it's a question about an assignment, or reaching out to make sure you are on the right track, messaging within ClearVoice will ensure you get the most informed and efficient response.

Messages can be sent to everyone on the assignment for review. You can also directly message users in ClearVoice by using the tagging feature

Here is a step-by-step on how to tag someone in your message.

1. Click the Assignment or Pitch you would like to send a message about

2. Click the Messages Icon on the right rail menu.


ClearVoice assignment editor with messaging pane

3. To tag a user, start with the @ symbol and then their name. You will see a list of users populate as you type to narrow down your selection. When you have the user highlighted, you can hit Tab or Enter to complete the tag.

ClearVoice messaging- tag user

4. Type the rest of your message, then hit Enter on your keyboard to send the message. 

ClearVoice messaging- tag user with full message

If you are having trouble reaching customer after tagging them, please reach out to one of our Customer Success Managers. Good luck with your continued writing!