Confirming the Publish Date on your Portfolio Content Pieces

If your Publish date is not showing up or showing up incorrectly, below are steps you can take to update

Your CV Portfolio content will sort chronologically by publish date.  Any content that you Feature (by clicking on the ⭐️) will move to the top of the section, and sort chronologically with the other featured content.

Because of this, the publish date is important to your portfolio content.  If it does not populate, or is incorrect, you can check it by following the below steps

  1. Hover over the content piece with the incorrect or missing publication date
  2. Click on Edit
  3. On the left of the popup, below the title, you will see mm/dd/yyyy or the date
  4. Click on this; a calendar will popup
  5. Enter the correct publish date
  6. Click on Update to save the change(s)