Copyscape Guidelines

What is it? 

Copyscape is a leading online solution for detecting plagiarism. Copyscape is trusted by millions of website owners to check the originality of their new content, prevent duplicate content, and search for copies of existing content online.

ClearVoice and Copyscape 

ClearVoice has a direct integration with Copyscape to ensure the content we produce for clients is unique and properly attributed when quoting sources. We believe a clear voice is the most powerful voice, no matter its volume or medium. It's the ClearVoice way.

How Copyscape works within ClearVoice

Copyscape is set up within ClearVoice on a ‘hair-trigger.’ This means that if there are sequences of words that appear to match one or more sources online, you will be notified of potential plagiarism. 

An email will be sent to you as the producer, alongside your Customer Success Manager. To ensure you receive these notifications, always make sure you have set yourself as the Strategist and Editor on an assignment prior to offering to a writer. 

Notification Example

Next Steps / Actions to take

  • Once you’ve received a Copyscape notification, you will need to read the email and access the report.
  • Visit the provided report and links and compare to the assignment within ClearVoice. 
  • Based on your judgment when viewing the information provided, determine whether the writer may have plagiarized content. 
    • If portions of the content seems plagiarized, comment, highlight the plagiarized text within the assignments and notify the writer that Copyscape has flagged this and we will need to ensure this is rewritten. 
    • If the vast majority of the content has been plagiarized and you’ve confirmed, (i.e., 450 words out of 500 are plagiarized) reach out to your Talent Success Manager and Customer Success Manager immediately to discuss the Copyscape notification and next steps for the assignment. 
    • If the content is determined to be a quote or a source, ensure that the writer has properly attributed the content that may be flagged as plagiarism, but is actually not. Notify your writer in the assignment by commenting, highlighting the content flagged and suggest on how to attribute the content. 
  • Regardless of how small the match may be, always double-check the notifications to ensure that we’ve determined plagiarism or not.