Editing, Commenting & Messaging

Collaborating with Freelancers to get effective edits.

Editing and Collaborating for Marketplace Assignments:

When it comes to editing marketplace assignments, Strategists and Editors have two options:

  1. Request revisions from the freelancer (up to two rounds of revisions).
  2. Make changes yourself to complete the assignment (minor changes)

How to Request Revisions from a Creator:

  1. Click on Manage and then Assignments from the left menu
  2. Select the assignment you wish to edit. Its status will read 'Pending Review.'
  3. Click Edit at the bottom of the assignment.
  4. Highlight any areas you wish to change, and click the comment bubble in the editor to make comments.

    Comment Bubble in editor
  5. Type your changes/notes in the text box for the area you have highlighted.
  6. Comment txt boxHit Enter to save your changes/notes.  You will see them appear in the messaging of thee assignment as well.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you have documented all of your changes for the assignment.
  8. Add any general messages or notes for the writer in the messages tab (if necessary).
  9. Click Send Back for Edits

An email will be sent to the Creator outlining your request(s). You will be notified when they complete the revisions.