How To Find and Review the Brand Profile

As a ClearVoice freelance writer, the brand profile is one of your most valuable tools. Get familiar with it and you’re well positioned to create a piece of content your client loves. Ignore it and you run the risk of missing the mark on the content piece. 

Each and every time you receive an assignment from ClearVoice, it’s important to thoroughly review the brand profile. It will give you valuable insight into who your client is, who their audience is, how they want the content to sound, and more. If you have any questions on anything you find in the brand profile, please reach out to the Producer on your account. 

How to Find the Brand Profile

The brand profile will always be attached to the right hand rail of your assignment. 

To navigate to it, select the Brand Profile tab on the right side of the assignment

Once you click on that tab, you’ll be able to go through the entire Brand Profile for the customer you are working with.

You will see information about the brand, their target personas, the tones they prefer to use, important keywords to their brand, etc.

How to Review the Brand Profile

It’s important to read through the brand profile in its entirety. Make note of any questions that arise for you along the way. 

Review the details in each section and any documents attached to the profile. 

If you have any questions regarding how to find or review the brand profile, please reach out to the Talent Manager on your account. Happy freelancing!