Freelancer Spotlight: Caitlin Lamb

From Early Beginnings to Daily Content: Tips on how to succeed as a freelancer in the ClearVoice platform



Caitlin was hand selected as a freelancer who will be strategizing, editing, and managing account progress in a new Managing Editor role we've created for freelancers. She is stellar in the system and has done great work for her clients. We've noticed. We asked her to share some pointers:

What about the Managing Editor Role do you enjoy?

"I love working with different writers and building great relationships with them. Freelancing can be somewhat isolating, so getting the chance to connect with other writers who are in the same position as me has been wonderful."

What should someone interested in the role know?

"The ME Role can be really rewarding, but it also takes a lot of flexibility and patience. You're dealing with many different individuals, each with their own writing style, schedules, and expectations, all in various time zones. You really need to be open to learning and adjusting, and stay very organized if you want to be successful. It is very easy to fall behind and that affects everyone on your team."

If you had 3 pieces of advice for a freelancer starting out, what would it be? 

1. Communicate with the Client

“I’ll establish a dialogue, let the client know if I have any questions, and send a message thanking them for the opportunity once it is over. It shows there is a person on the other end, willing to follow up and contribute to a quality piece.” 

2. Details are Key

“Read the entire assignment the moment you get it. You are going to want to know what kind of timeline you need to give yourself to hit the deadline. Make sure you have everything you need whether you’re going to start writing right away or later on.” 

3. Don’t rely on your resume alone

“Your CV needs to stand alone. In other platforms you are actively engaging clients. Here, clients come to you. It is important to have your portfolio updated and relevant in the network. Everything has got to be on that CV.” 

How important is the first assignment? 

“The first assignment is the most important in terms of establishing a relationship with your client. Your writing should always be great, but the details and follow-up will help set you apart.”

How do you manage quick deadlines and a variety of expectations?

“If I accept something within a deadline of 2 days, I’m going to start it right away. Providing a deliverable that allows the client to go in and do their thing takes stress off of their shoulders. Your clients have people to report to as well. Earlier is always better.” 

What have you learned since you started?

“Keep with it. It took me awhile after I started to get that first client. When you’re working for yourself and don’t see something right away, it can be easy to get discouraged. Still, after I got one assignment, I got a dozen assignments. Work to polish your resume and use that time to build up your brand in the meantime. If you’re serious enough about it, work will find you.” 

Think you might be a good fit for the Managing Editor Role? Shoot a note to for more information - he'd be happy to help! 

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