How can I re-apply for the Talent Network?

If you have not been accepted to the Talent Network, here is how you can re-apply

Did your profile just miss the requirements needed for approval to the Talent Network? No worries! There are still a few things you can do.

First things first, find out what went wrong with your first application. Re-evaluating the issues that may have arose with your first submission is a great initial step toward how you will want your next application to look. Don't hesitate to seek us out for help at during this stage.

Here are some next steps in re-applying for the Talent Network: 

How to re-apply

1. Update and improve your profile

Be sure to have relevant work that matches your profile categories and expertise. It helps to have published work in this step. Have all the necessary requirements needed to ensure your profile is ready for a client to pick you for a piece. 

2. Send an email to with the title "Re-apply." 

Give us a description of what you have updated and why you feel your profile should be re-evaluated.

3. Sit Tight.

Within the next 14 days, one of us at ClearVoice will review and evaluate your updated profile for admission to the Talent Network. 

Questions about your Talent Network status

If you still believe that you were wrongly rejected, please feel free to contact us at and voice your concerns. We realize that sometimes we make mistakes.