How do I dispute an assignment?

Unhappy with the content or service you received? Here's what to do.

Not happy with the content you’ve received? Email us at to dispute the assignment. Disputes are typically resolved within 10 business days.

Please provide the following information in your email:

  • Your name
  • Assignment name and ClearVoice URL
  • Detailed reason why you are disputing the assignment
  • If you will use any content provided by the writer

Once your email is received, your Success Manager will review the dispute to determine the best resolution. The review process is specific to the complaint. Here are the general guidelines ClearVoice follows when reviewing each complaint:

  • Did the writer follow the instructions provided?
  • Did the customer provide the writer with clear instructions?
  • Did the writer communicate any misunderstandings, questions, or changes with the customer?
  • Did the customer communicate any changes, specific needs, or additional requests clearly to the writer?

Below is a sample of common complaints and the guidelines we’d follow to resolve the dispute:

Example: A writer completes the assignment, but the customer does not feel the payment is merited and does not want to use the copy. 

ClearVoice will determine a resolution based on the following, 

  • 40%: The article instructions were followed. This includes but is not limited to: topic focus, tone, audience, brand messaging, etc. A panel of 5 ClearVoice content experts will review and provide unbiased opinions. 
  • 40%: Writer was actively communicating with the customer about details and preferences.
  • 20%: The level of detail used by the customer in the article instructions. Customers should avoid generic, vague and unclear language. 

Example: A writer completes the assignment, but the customer does not feel the payment is merited and does want to use the copy. 

  • ClearVoice will review the article and attempt to resolve any issues in a timely manner or issue a partial or full refund.

Example: A writer does not complete an assignment, and doesn't respond to messages from the customer.

  • The assignment will be withdrawn from the writer. Funds will be moved back to the customer's escrow account and the writer will not be paid. 

Example: A customer has additional requests during the creation process, resulting in a writer declaration that the assignment price should be raised.

  • ClearVoice will compare the original article instructions with the requests submitted via messages to determine if an extra cost is warranted. 

*All disputes are reviewed and resolved on a case-by-case basis

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