How to Give Great Feedback

Providing great feedback is the key to maximizing the time of you and your freelancers. Below are some guidelines to help prevent any back and forth that can delay projects.

Giving great feedback is the key to maximizing the time of both you and your writer. Here are some guidelines that will help prevent the back and forth that can delay projects.

Be Specific

  • Avoid general statements like “This is weird” or “Too short.” Explain what exactly is weird and why? Describe how you would like the content to be expanded, formatted and adjusted.
  • Specify what you don’t like and why. This will help us work toward finding your preferences and most importantly, your voice.

Provide Examples

  • If you can’t think of specific feedback, present a content example that, in your opinion, best achieves the goals you have set.
  • Reference what you like about that example piece. Whether it is the formatting, paragraph size, tone, etc. 

Reference Great Sections

  • If a section stands out for any reason, please describe why and what changes should be made.
    • Example: “The first paragraph truly captures our brand voice whereas the last paragraph seems robotic. Please keep the tone consistent throughout.

Provide Complete Feedback

  • The first round of feedback is your opportunity to be as meticulous as possible. The more context the better revisions from the producer and writer(s).

Avoid Shorthand 

  • When first starting to work with freelancers, please use complete sentences to express your ideas and avoid any abbreviations or jargon.

Keep the Spirit of Collaboration

  • ClearVoice has thousands of contributors within the platform. Trying different writers is a great way to find the individuals that are the best fit. If a freelancer isn’t for you, there are always more options.
  • We understand that when giving feedback, it can often be done quickly and sometimes come off colder than intended. Feedback is always taken better when it’s delivered clear and conscientiously.


  • Please remember to rate your freelancers! The ClearVoice marketplace depends on customers giving honest ratings to surface the most qualified freelance talent.