How to Use Concepts for Pitching

Using concepts in ClearVoice to solicit ideas for content

In ClearVoice, you can use concepts as a tool to collect and review pitches from your writers. Follow this process to do so: 

  1. Ask your writers to create a  Concept in ClearVoice.
    1. Ask them to set you, or whomever will be reviewing concepts from your team as the Strategist.
  2. Ask the writer to include details like: word count, due date expectation, tone, and any other parameters you'd like them to work within.
  3. Review the concept. If it is something you are interested in using for an assignment, click Draft Assignment
  4. Fill out the assignment details and send it to the creator of the concept.


You can find these details in the above screenshot, labeled as below:

  1. The writer who created the pitch
  2. The assigned Strategist
  3. Draft Assignment moves the concept into production

And just like that, your request for concepts is on its way to becoming a finished piece of content in ClearVoice. If you have any questions please reach out to us in the chat at the bottom of this page.

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