How to Withdraw an Assignment to Get a New Set of Applicants

How to withdraw a marketplace assignment and resend it to get a new set of applicants

If you're not entirely satisfied with the applicants for your marketplace assignment, you have the flexibility to withdraw the assignment* and retry (or "re-cast") so you receive a fresh, new batch of highly qualified freelancers.

To recast an assignment:

1. Navigate to Manage > Assignments

2. Select the assignment you want to get new writers for

3. From the right sidebar, click Withdraw


Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 9.21.22 AM


4. Double check your assignment details and click, Offer to Talent Network to restart the casting call and you will receive a new set of qualified creators within two days.

*sidenote: This option is only available if you haven't already selected a writer.


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