Installing and Using LastPass

What is LastPass? 

LastPass is a password manager that stores encrypted passwords online.  At ClearVoice, it allows us to give select Freelancers access to our shared tools without everyone needing to remember new usernames and passwords.

Getting Started with LastPass

To start, you will receive an email inviting you to the ClearVoice LastPass account.  From there:

  1. Use the link in the email to set up your LastPass account
      1. If you have a personal LastPass account, you can still join the ClearVoice account.  When you accept the invitation, you will have the options to:
        1. Join the ClearVoice account with the same email as your existing account
        2. Create a new account for company use with ClearVoice
          1. If you create a new work account, you can link your accounts using these instructions.
  2. When prompted to install the LastPass browser extension, complete the install.

You are now ready to use LastPass.  The following section will show you the recommended settings for LastPass.

Configuring LastPass- Recommended Settings

To configure your browser extension for LastPass, 

  1. Click on the LastPass icon in your browser toolbar (up by where you search or enter web addresses usually)
  2. Click on your email address
  3. Click on Extension Preferences
  4. Navigate to the Notifications Tab on the left of the screen
  5. Deselect the options for:
    • Show save site notification bar
    • Show change password notification bar
6.    Select Save

Using LastPass

Once you have LastPass set up, you can access certain websites that we add (list below in the next section).  When you navigate to the site for the first time, on the login screen, you will see the following icons in the Username and Password fields:

Click on the Icon, and select the option under Passwords for the site (Shutterstock shown here).

The username and password fields will fill with the saved information, and you will be able to log in.

To ensure the security of the accounts, ClearVoice regularly changes passwords.  These will be saved in LastPass, so you should not have any problems getting in after a change.  If the browser prompts you to save the password, please select no, as it may cause issues logging in if the password needs to be changed.

Sites You Can Access Using ClearVoice LastPass