Messaging with Clients in ClearVoice

Tips to establish long lasting relationships with clients

The ClearVoice Talent Network allows clients to freely search your portfolio, they are also given the opportunity to reach out to you directly through the platform. So…. what does this mean for you? 

Here is a sneak peak at the messaging board clients will have access to:

Freelancer messaging modal


After reviewing your portfolio, clients will have direct access should they be interested in messaging you. Here are a few tips on how you should prepare if a client reaches out to you. 

Be Professional

Above all else, this one stands an obvious high point of importance when dealing with potential clients you will work with. Thanking them for reaching out, for the opportunities, as well as taking the time to seek you out are all things they will appreciate. After all, first impressions do mean everything in this industry.  

Be Clear About Your Rate

Keeping in mind that ClearVoice assumes a 25% service fee on all assignments done through the platform, take that into account and be clear about the price for which you are willing to complete an assignment. For example, if a client offers you $100 for a 500 word piece, know that your net earnings will be $75 once all said and done. This will be crucial to keep in mind prior to any verbal agreements made in the platform. 

Ask Relevant Questions

As a freelancer, there are many unknowns and trepidations that the client may be feeling right from the beginning. Not that you aren’t a rockstar at your job (that’s obvious), but clients have likely either been burned by a freelancer or are brand new to this kind of business. Providing good questions that pertain to their industry, their content goals, even something as simple as preferred tone, will be points you are earning with each question. You should treat a client reaching out much like an interview for the work. Give them no reason to doubt you. 

Establish Potential Future Work

If a client is reaching out and asking for a particular assignment at a price, absolutely ask for future opportunities. You are likely getting involved in a content plan that goes beyond the offered assignment, so provide your client with scope and availability up front. Pending a job well done on the first piece, you just may land yourself additional opportunities in that client's future content creation. 

This is a great new feature that aims at providing further connections and relevant work to you as freelancers. Take advantage early by refining your portfolio and prepping your expectations. After that, sit back and watch the work roll in!