Optimize your Portfolio rank in the Talent Network

Top ways a writer will get noticed in Talent Network searches by customers

The best way to optimize your ClearVoice Portfolio is to curate each piece of content with relevant tags to reflect the work. You can see how the matching process works below with views of both the freelancer and client side of the process. Tagging each piece of content will be crucial in winning work, ranking in the system, and exposure to potential work. Priority will reside with those with tagged work samples.




Updating the rest of your portfolio with necessary changes and updates is another step in this process. Ensuring that the categories you select to write about match the content you create are an SEO must for the Talent Directory. Below you will see that this is the first step in a client finding a specific writer.




You will appear in search rankings with a snapshot of your portfolio on the page (see below). A clear and concise tagline that showcases your expertise will be a third crucial factor in winning work. Be sure your tagline is meaningful and explains what you can offer to the client. 




A writer with these three points of emphasis will rank higher and have further exposure to potential clients. Curate your profile and rise among the ranks!

Here are some great ClearVoice Portfolios that exemplify a high ranking within the Talent Directory below:


Optimize-CV-Rank_ss4 Optimize-CV-Rank_ss5 Optimize-CV-Rank_ss6