Pitching to customers in ClearVoice

What to do when you have received a pitch request

Pitching is a great way to land potential clients within the platform and work on material that YOU want to create. Luckily, pitching is free in the platform and the long-term partnerships and collaborations that have come from pitching make it worth trying every time, no matter the odds.

There are a number of questions to be answered when it comes to the details surrounding pitching for ClearVoice customers. We’ve provided answers to a few of the most common questions and concerns below:

I’ve received a pitch request. What’s next?

Congrats! You’ve landed your first pitch. You’ll want to do the following to ensure your pitch is on par with what the client is looking for:

Read through the description of the pitch entirely.

Review the numbers. Word count, price, and due dates are all important to note.

Research the client’s website.

● Get Recognized by letting the client know anything that might set you apart in addition to the pitch itself.

Repeat. The more the better. Clients want a variety of ideas - so pitch more than just one topic.

If pitching is free, what’s in it for me?

Pitching is a great way to get your foot in the door with potential clients through the ClearVoice platform. It’s also a proven way to bolster your exposure within the network and can improve your ranking, reviews, and visibility. You can even use pitching to promote yourself as an expert in your field and highlight how your expertise could take the brand to the next level.

At ClearVoice we’re always on the lookout for commitment and dedication to working within the platform. Showcasing your interest and availability in projects will also get you noticed by our internal Talent and Customer Success teams which can lead to more recurring opportunities in the future.

I haven’t heard from the client on my pitch. What should I do?

It may take time for a client to respond to you regarding a specific pitch or number of pitches. This doesn’t mean stop pitching! The client is likely reviewing pitches on a regular basis and could be planning out content for months to come. If selected, your pitches within the platform will automatically be converted into assignments and will be sent directly to you once they’re ready to go.

Utilizing the message board within a pitch to start conversations with the client regarding their content expectations and needs is also a great way to get the dialogue rolling and will add to your list of potential opportunities.

I’m not sure how much detail to put into my pitch...

Pitch for what you’ll be paid. If you spend too much time coming up with a masterpiece that won’t yield your expected pay, you’ll end up disappointed. Similarly, if your pitch lacks information or you put minimal effort into your idea, the client may go with another writer. It will be up to you to find the sweet spot and balance expectations to match the estimated price of the piece.

If you have any questions about a pitch request you’ve received, or if you’d like to receive more pitch requests, please feel free to reach out to us in the live chat below. We’d be happy to help!

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