Process of Formulating a Case Study

Step-by-step process on creating case studies through ClearVoice

Pro tip:  If you would like to do a case study, but are unsure of who to interview, it is a good idea to ask your account managers or sales representatives for information as to which professionals are particularly happy with your service or products.

Case Study Process

1. Send the ClearVoice Success team either:

a) The contact information of a business you have already chosen to be interviewed 

b) A list of two or three professionals you would like us to contact to gauge interest in being interviewed. 


Important: you or the interviewee will need to inform ClearVoice of the exact types of statistics (and other information) you’d like the interviewer to bring to light during the interview.

This information will be used to create the pre-interview document described in step 3a below.

2. Once an interviewee has been finalized, ClearVoice will send the interviewee an interview consent form to sign that states that they did not receive (or maybe that they did receive) payment for their participation in the interview and that all information provided therein is true to the best of their knowledge.

3. While the interviewee is signing the interview consent form, ClearVoice will draft two documents in your account:

a) A “pre-interview facts needed” document (to be sent to the interviewee in the days prior to interview so that they can be prepared to provide the information needed). 

b) The interview questions. These need to be finalized by you prior to the interview.

4. The Interview: During this phase of the project:

- An interviewer is chosen (it may be ClearVoice or a chosen freelancer)
- An interview date is finalized (ClearVoice will help with this - both the date and the contact info)
- The interview is held via a recorded phone call between the interviewer and the interviewee
- The interviewer will type out the interview questions during the actual call and make note of any notable quotes/statistics to look for on the recording after interview.

5. The interview brief/outline: During this phase the content strategist or writer on the project will listen to the audio recording and read the interview notes to come up with an outline for the writer to create an organized, entertaining and quote-and-statistic-filled article.

The final piece will include additional supporting facts, information and tonal elements that reflect your goals and brand voice/mission.

6. Writing of finalized case study: Everything in step 5 will be handed over to the writer and they will use it to create the final text version of the case study. 

7. Discussion/call between you & ClearVoice to discuss the case study template design. Colors, fonts, and format will all be discussed. This information will be sent to a designer and the designer will use it in developing creative for the case study. 

8. The Designer adds finalized text to agreed-upon case study template 

A finalized .pdf of this particular case study along with an editable .png of the case study template will be provided to you in this final phase. 

Always feel free to reach out to us in the chat below should you have any questions regarding this process or other ways to succeed in ClearVoice. 

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