Producer Brief Checklist

Did you include everything in the brief that is needed? Here is a handy checklist to help you be sure!

  • Did you duplicate the correct assignment template?
  • Is the content type correct?
  • Have you selected the correct campaign for the assignment?
  • Is the content level correct?
  • Is the word count correct?
  • Did you add a writer?
  • Did you add a due date?
  • Did you add a price?
  • Have you added a working title in the Assignment Name field?
  • Did you include an overall goal or main takeaway for the piece?
  • Did you add a project summary (if applicable)?
  • If the client provided an outline, did you copy/paste it into the outline section with a note to the writer that it should be followed exactly as is?
  • If the client didn’t provide an outline, have you researched the topic and crafted an outline with H2s and H3s and guidance on direction for each section?
  • Did you include a CTA that makes sense for the topic, the goal of the piece, and the target audience (if applicable)?
  • Did you add one or two internal links from the client’s website that the writer should incorporate into the finished product?
  • Did you add at least two relevant and up-to-date (within the past three years) reference links to help the writer get started?
  • If an SEO add-on exists, have you sourced keywords and internal links?
  • Did you review the brief carefully before dispatching?