Producer Role - What is it?

Details regarding producer role expectations, and how to become a Producer

Our Producer role is is critical to customer success. But… what is it, exactly? 

The main goal of our new freelancer opportunity in the producer role is to put more responsibility in the hands of our ClearVoicers. We want to continue growing opportunities and distinctive avenues for our writers, relying on the great talent we have to streamline success with ease. ClearVoice users that want to grow their own brand love this role with the new ability of owning a content project from start to finish. This is another great step forward for our own platform growth and ability to foster freelancer and client relationships. 

Freelancer to freelancer collaboration is also a big add-on with this opportunity. Not only are you managing content, but you are working with other freelancers on strategy and execution from potentially anywhere in the world. Talk about some next level networking. 

Here are some expectations that come with being a Producer: 

    • Experience managing content and people
    • Readily available to tackle tight deadlines and fulfillment needs
    • A constant resource for freelancers in the account (questions, hiccups, etc)
    • A good sense of the ClearVoice platform and how content is produced
    • Account oversight, ideation, and editing 

We know….. it’s a lot. That’s the point. We need top notch professionals who we, and our clients, can trust. You will always have an internal team member should you need, working to make sure that any and all wrinkles are ironing out. So worry not, you are not alone. No longer are you wavering from week to week on random schedules, one-off gigs, or late night coffee-induced commitments. This role solves that. 

Here are some other benefits that come with the role:

    • You have access to consistent work (and pay)
    • You’re able to network with other freelancers
    • You’re able to work directly with a client 
    • You’re able to work directly with one of our internal team members
    • You’re able to build your CV’s trust in the platform for future work 

Think you’re fit for the job? Contact and let us know! We’d love to have a conversation. 

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