Selecting Categories For Your Portfolio

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Selecting categories for your ClearVoice portfolio is one of the bigger steps in the application process for the Talent Network. Understanding your skills as a writer along with a basis of how ClearVoice uses that information is the best way to have a successful start as a freelancer.

We match you with writing opportunities based on the categories you provide. This will be one major way we help our clients and writers succeed simultaneously. Be sure the categories you pick match the skill set you bring to the table. While some writing may be hobby-esque, clients will only end up picking the writer specifically suited for the job. 

There is also a sub-categories section that will help further enhance our ability to match you with relevant clients. If you believe you are a good writer in a category outside of your top 5, here is your chance to show that. 

Narrowing down your portfolio is the best way clients will understand who you are, what you are interested in writing about, and how you might fit their needs. The more specific you can be - the better! 

Change your categories anytime by accessing your profile and clicking, Edit Info




You can choose up to five content industries for your profile. 


The full list of industries is below: 

  1. Advertising & Marketing

  2. Arts & Entertainment

  3. Autos & Vehicles

  4. Books & Literature 

  5. Business & Industrial

  6. Finance

  7. Food & Drink

  8. Games & Activities 

  9. Health, Fitness & Beauty 

  10. Healthcare & Medicine

  11. Home & Garden

  12. Internet & Ecommerce

  13. Jobs & Education

  14. Law & Government

  15. Lifestyle & Family

  16. Media & Politics

  17. Outdoors & Survival

  18. Pets & Animals

  19. Real Estate

  20. Retail

  21. Science

  22. Software & Technology

  23. Sports

  24. Travel & Hospitality 

  25. World Localities

Keep your industries up to date for better opportunities! 

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