Slack Communication Protocol

Slack is the team’s (CSM, ME, Talent Manager) main form of communication. It’s important to be accessible and responsive during business hours and to check in daily. Please make the team aware if you’ll be unavailable ahead of time. If you as the producer are unclear about anything, please voice your concern by tagging the appropriate ClearVoice individual in the Slack group.

  • Tag the Talent Manager for: anything involving rates, your availability, your team of writers’ availability, invoicing, payments, rewrites, or issues around dispatching/drafting pieces.
  • Tag the CSM for: anything needing clarification from the client, deadlines for piece turnaround, or changes in scope (e.g., a change in word count, content type, etc).
  • Tag the Managing Editor for: anything involving ideation, a second pair of eyes in reviewing content, or clarification on brand and editorial guidelines.