ClearVoice Slack Community Guidelines

Welcome to the ClearVoice Producer Slack channel. You are a part of a handpicked, talented group of writers, editors, and project managers that help ClearVoice deliver quality content and service our clients.  We are pleased to offer a dedicated space for you to connect with one another, stay updated on the latest happenings about ClearVoice and your Producer role, surface any bugs you see in the platform, and share wins.
Our mission is to help brands create better content, and we are committed to hosting a space that provides value, enjoyment, and support for you in your role. We developed the following community guidelines on how to engage with other users in the community and what you should expect from others.

Please Do:

• Share wins. It feels great to see others smashing it. So don’t be afraid to toot your own horn and highlight any wins. We regularly look for testimonials and client case studies to publish to our marketing channels. If you have a client you think would be a great fit, we’d love to know! Celebratory emojis will follow.
• Engage. We know it can get lonely out there sometimes. This is the perfect space to engage with you fellow Producers and with the information being shared in the channel. Emojis and Gifs are welcome!
• Share hacks. Find a cool way to ideate topics for your client? See an article about new updates coming to Google that may affect SEO optimization? Share them in the channel. If something helps you, it likely could help other producers, too!
• Open, read or watch educational materials from ClearVoice. We’ll use this channel to share helpful educational materials pertaining to your role. Be sure to take a look so you don’t miss any important details.
• Stay tuned to the channel. We’ll be sharing important updates in this channel, so be sure to check in on it regularly (at least once a week) to stay up to date.
• Surface any platform issues or bugs. If you experience a bug, please surface it in the channel. Others may be seeing the same thing. We will surface to our support team, who will investigate right away.
• Be professional and kind. No foul or inappropriate language, please. If you wouldn’t say it with your grandparents in the room, it’s probably NSFW (not safe for work). Best to hold off.

Please Don’t:

• Use the channel for account removal requests. Instead, please email with your request to be removed from a ClearVoice platform or Slack account.
• Use the channel for questions about money, invoices, or payouts. Our team would love to help you!  Please reach out to the Talent Manager in the account Slack channel for any questions on this front.
• Share personal information. If you need to share something personal with the ClearVoice team (i.e. upcoming OOO time or vacation plans, email screenshots, etc.), please email
• Ask specific client account-related questions. If you have questions about a specific account, please send a message in the account Slack channel.
• Use for general complaints. Your feedback means the world to us. If you have any complaints or feedback for us, please send a private Slack message to a member of our team. We’ll follow up with you from there to learn more.

If you post or share something in the Producer Slack channel that violates these community guidelines, the post will be deleted, and a member of the ClearVoice team will follow up with you directly to address your concerns or answer your question.

If you have any questions on anything outlined in these communication
guidelines, please reach out to