Talent Matching vs. Searching the Talent Network

Two ways to find freelancers in the ClearVoice platform

There are two ways in the platform to find and attribute freelance talent to a specific assignment. Both ways will serve beneficial in finding the writer(s) best fit to work with you and your organization.

Option 1- Talent Matching

You can send out via our Talent Match algorithm, which matches the top 100 writers relative to your industry and assignment detail selections. From there, a group of writers will show interest and you’ll be able to pick one suitable for the content at hand. 


Talent match details


Benefits of a Talent Match Opportunity: 

    • Seeking interested talent based on a specific assignment
    • Reviewing talent already interested in collaborating with you
    • Gathering relevant freelancers via our algorithm to your account
    • Saving time on Talent Network searching

Option 2- Searching the Talent Network

You can also seek writers out via our Talent Network, providing the ability to message freelancers within the directory and save users you’d like to work with on your content project. 


Freelancer messaging modal


Benefits of Individual Talent Searching:

    • Great for niche and expertise writer searches
    • Individually introduce yourself and your brand to a writer
    • Negotiate further plans, content, and pricing
    • Ability to explore our vast network of potential writers

We would encourage utilizing both avenues in seeking out your perfect freelancer(s). Finding writers both individually in the Talent Network and sending out opportunities via the Talent Match algorithm will garnish the best combination of interested, quality, and ready freelancers for your brand. 

Reach out to us in the chat below if you have any questions regarding talent sourcing, navigating the platform, or any other related questions. We’d be happy to help!