Using labels in ClearVoice

FAQ on utilizing assignment labels in the ClearVoice platform

Labels for assignments is a feature that we have added to ClearVoice to allow users to better organize their assignments.  Custom content, teams for review, special considerations, formatting, or literally anything else that you want can be turned into a label in your account in ClearVoice, and you can create as many as you need.  This document will walk you through a few of the common questions about labels

How do I create and manage my labels?

You can find your labels in ClearVoice by clicking on Manage > Labels.  Your labels will be listed here, and display the client, number assignments with the tag, and other pertinent information for you.  

From this view, in the top right corner, you can Create a new label, or you can click on any of your existing labels to make changes. You are also able to add new labels while creating any assignment or adding tags to an existing assignment.

Are labels unique to my account?

Yes, you will only see labels in your account that were created by you or one of your users.  

How many labels can I have on an assignment?

There are currently no limits to the number of labels you can put on an assignment.

How can I see which assignments have a specific label?

When you are viewing your assignments in ClearVoice, you are able to filter by a specific label or multiple labels to see all assignments that are associated with the tag(s).  You can also add a Label field to your assignment view if you’d like to see this or sort by it.

Additionally, when you are viewing labels, you can click on the label, and in the right modal, you will see the assignments listed that correspond to that label.

Where can I see what labels have been added to an assignment?

When you click on any assignment in ClearVoice you will be able to see the labels associated with it on the Assignment Details page in the Settings & Guidelines section

How do I add and remove labels from an assignment? 

Within the assignment details you can add or remove labels.  Select from the dropdown, or type in the label you’d like to add.  You can even add a label that does not yet exist right in the assignment details.

Will labels duplicate when an assignment is duplicated?

Yes, any labels an assignment has when it is duplicated will show on the new copy of the assignment as well.