Writing Your Brand Description

Example of the ClearVoice brand description and how to create yours

When setting up your brand description, it's important to convey who you are to your freelancers succintly and effectively. Creators can better understand a business through a quality brand description that explains the deep roots of your business in a short paragraph. Content will ultimately follow this overarching message, so take some time and think about who you are. 

If you've already established a brand description - that's great! Go ahead and simply implement that into your brand profile. If you haven't yet set one up, here is an example of our ClearVoice brand description. Take a look at this for a little inspiration when thinking through your own:

ClearVoice Brand Description



As the modern content creation solution brands and agencies trust to power digital marketing channels, ClearVoice helps marketers produce original content to reach and acquire prospects, increase market share, and ultimately delight customers. 

Our easy-to-use collaboration workflow and fully integrated talent network of vetted freelance professionals afford marketers the flexibility to scale content creation faster than ever. And with our dedicated success team, we give clients the luxury of being as involved in the process as they want to be, whether they prefer self-service or fully managed solutions.

Also, check out our ClearVoice blog on the do's and don'ts of how to create a compelling boilerplate for your company. This is a great practice in not only showcasing who you are to everyone else but further understanding and identifying who you are as a brand yourself.

If you have any questions about setting up your brand profile or brand description please reach out to support@clearvoice.com - we'd be happy to help. 

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