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Do's & Don'ts for Your First Assignment

Best practices and what to avoid on your first assignment

  • Do review the entire brief, brand guidelines and any attachments to ensure you have a clear understanding of the topic at hand.

  • Do ask your Producer questions about the content brief. If something isn’t clear or you’re unsure, it never hurts to ask. If you’re not sure who your Producer is please ask your Talent Manager.

  • Do double check the due date. Due dates are meant to keep a client in cadence with their content plan, and any holdups could put their publishing schedule in jeopardy. Be sure you have the availability to complete the assignment and the needed revisions over the course of the project, usually 5-14 days. 

  • Do prepare for feedback and be open to receiving it. Revisions aren’t bad and should be expected when working with clients. It’s best to be receptive and solutions oriented when dealing with tough client feedback. 

  • Do be professional. When communicating with clients regarding revisions or changes to your assignment, keep in mind, these are your clients and our customers. Professionalism is a must. 

  • Do be mindful of communications on the platform. All messages in the chat window are visible to the client and our team. Poor communication or a touchy tone could result in removal from a project. 

  • Don’t wing it. If a topic is outside your understanding and you feel it’d be better suited for another writer, let the Producer know right away. It’s best to take on work that you can write about confidently rather than turn in a poor piece and jeopardize the project and your standing as a writer.
  • Don’t reach out to the client to inquire about pay unless directed. Please reach out to the Talent Manager who contacted you regarding the project - they can help you navigate any issues related to payment.

  • Don’t ghost. We’ve hand selected you for this project based on your expertise and experience. If, suddenly, you're unable to work on an assignment or see it through to completion, it’s crucial you reach out to our team to let us know so we can make other accommodations for the piece.

Reminder about Revisions: 

Each assignment is entitled to a minimum of two revisions. Though, to meet and exceed client expectations, additional revisions may sometimes be required. If after the third revision, additional revisions are requested, please reach out to the Producer on the account so they can raise your concern to our Success Team.

Reminder about Deadline Extensions:

Emergency? If you need an extension due to an emergency or unforeseen event, please let the Producer know as soon as possible. We’ll work with you to determine the next best steps.

Client Question? If you’re waiting to hear back from the client for additional information, it’s typically best to submit the assignment with a note that clarification or additional details are needed. Once provided, let them know their input will be addressed on your next revision. 

Meeting assignment due dates ensures the client’s continued success and improves your writer’s score: Your on-time rate is visible to Talent Managers and clients in the Talent Network. If you consistently miss due dates you’ll hurt your chances of receiving future opportunities and may be subject to pay deductions.

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