Getting Started: A Quick Overview

How to setup your new account.

So, you've signed up for ClearVoice (and we thank you for that) but, now what?

Here are some basic steps to get you going:

  • Bookmark the ClearVoice login page for quick access
  • Invite other users as a Strategist, Editor, Creator, or even a payable Creator. Learn more about user roles here.
  • Create content Teams for better workflow management and easy dispatching to creators on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Create an overarching content strategy using Campaigns, Concepts, and Personas
  • Connect your Publication(s) to your account to automatically push content to your CMS
  • Add account funds to hire a content creator using the ClearVoice Marketplace
  • Create a marketplace assignment and begin a casting call to find a content creator to write it in as early as a week

More help:
  • Browse our Help Center for tutorial videos and information about platform features
  • Submit a support request via the live chat below if you have any questions or issues (its available everywhere in ClearVoice)

Now, go create some great content!