Producer Role Expectations


Content ideation, brief creation, assignment dispatching, and editing are all potential requirements within this role. Below, you’ll find a number of resources to help you fulfill these expectations. 

Content Ideation

Content ideation involves creating a list of potential topics and key pieces of information for potential articles. Clients will review your ideas and select the ones they want to turn into pieces of content. The requirements for ideation (frequency, number of ideas needed, etc.) will be communicated to you before joining an account.

Brief Creation

Briefs are what your writers will use to create their assignments. It’s important to be thorough and provide all of the information your writers will need to be successful. On new accounts, Managing Editors (MEs) will create the first round of briefs. These briefs are approved by the client and can be used as a reference for your future briefs. MEs will also provide template briefs for you to duplicate and build out when creating briefs of your own. 

Main responsibilities will include:

  • Ideating for client fulfillment.
  • Expanding on client-provided topics to build out briefs.
  • Following producer instructions on creating briefs.
  • Drafting and dispatching assignments based on the Talent Agreement.

Campaign Tracking

To help with organization, producers will be responsible for selecting the correct campaign for each brief they create during the drafting phase. Campaigns are set up for you by your managing editor. They reflect the month for which the fulfillment is for.  

Assignment Dispatching

Once briefs are created and approved by the client, they can then be dispatched to writers. The first month’s briefs will be dispatched by your talent manager, but you’ll be responsible for dispatching in the following months. Monitoring assignment progress and reporting any issues to the team via Slack are key producer duties. Standard Production Timelines can be used to determine due dates.


The process for editing will be generally the same across your ClearVoice accounts. Two rounds of revisions are typical for each client. However, if a client greatly exceeds the revision request limit, the ClearVoice team will work to ensure each piece reaches completion and that each writer and producer is adequately compensated for their work. Here's a step-by-step flow on what’s standard:

  • Assignments are dispatched to writers and work begins (1–1.5 weeks).
  • Writers submit for initial producer edits (2-day turnaround).
  • Any revisions requested by the producer are made by the writers (2 days).
  • Producer gives a final read-through and tags the client for final review.
  • Client approves the work or requests any final touches.