Why create a ClearVoice Portfolio?

Why create a ClearVoice Portfolio? What is a ClearVoice Portfolio, why do I need one, how will it help me get hired for freelance jobs?

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What is it?

A Portfolio is a free, customizable profile you can use to get hired for freelance jobs in the ClearVoice Talent Network. We created portfolios based on feedback from hundreds of freelancers looking for a better way to market themselves.  Your portfolio will be your application to the Talent Network, so put your best foot forward!

Why do I need one?

The portfolio you create will act as your application to the Talent Network.  We also believe creating a portfolio is the best way to present your creative work to customers searching for freelance writers.

Once a portfolio has at least 6 work samples, with a minimum of 3 published works linked to live webpages, and meets the minimum percentage of completion (70%), writers can submit their portfolio for review by ClearVoice Talent Managers.  If you meet the requirements, we will add you to our Talent Network, and you'll be available to customers. We constantly scan portfolios in our network to find relevant freelance candidates who can fulfill the ongoing content needs of our customers. ClearVoice customers include top brands and agencies across the globe.

How do I start making money in ClearVoice?

You must be admitted to the Talent Network to be eligible for paid assignments from ClearVoice customers.  You'll be able to apply when your portfolio is strong enough, and you're given the option to apply for the Talent Network in the top right corner. Once you apply, your portfolio and work will be reviewed by our Talent team. If you meet our criteria, you will be notified and our system will begin matching you with relevant writing opportunities right away.

ClearVoice uses a robust algorithm to crawl portfolios and find freelancers qualified to work with our customers. That means the information you put on your portfolio is extremely important. The stronger your portfolio, the higher your chances you’ll appear in searches for freelance talent.

How do I increase my chance of getting hired?

To optimize your portfolio for our matching algorithm, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Select what you do you, your areas of expertise/topics, and the content type(s) you produce (i.e., a Writer in Finance who creates Ebooks).
  • Upload as many content examples as you can to showcase your work (minimum of 6).  The more published work you include, the better customers can see your style and history.
  • Tag each piece of content you upload with the primary role you played, category, and content type. This will help your portfolio rank in the Talent Network.
  • Organize your content into sections to display a variety of your skill set.
  • Add a bio, tagline, and connect social profiles.
  • Frequently update your portfolio and curate content we find from your publication queue.

Should you have any questions always feel free to reach out to us in the chat below.  Thank you for choosing ClearVoice!