Writing Your Campaign Description and Editorial Guidelines

Set up your freelancers for success with all of the necessary information for them to succeed

Set your account up for success early with robust editorial guidelines and campaign descriptions. Investing even twenty minutes to these categories prior to sending projects out to the Talent Network will be crucial in ensuring everyone is on the same page. Here are the different things your freelancer(s) will be looking for: 

  • Formatting. Above all, make sure you are giving direct guidance as to how you'd like the piece to look aesthetically. Be clear about how you'd like the intro, body, and conclusion to look. Are you looking for a lot of headings? Is the piece supposed to flow without too many breaks? If you're not sure, let them know you're open to ideas!
  • Style. Whether it's AP, Chicago, or some other type, see to it that all of your content is consistent with each other, maintaining a uniform style that follows your brand.
  • Tone. Along with the brand guidelines, certain ongoing campaigns may differ in tone as well. Is the campaign driven to showcase information? Is the campaign meant to be a lighthearted approach with a fun tone? Let your talent know. 
  • Personas. Keep in mind there is a full personas feature within ClearVoice that allows you to convey exactly who your readers are. Put together a persona for your freelancer to understand who they're talking to. 
  • Your Brand Specifics. Every company is different, so what makes yours unique? Are there certain do's and don'ts that your editorial guidelines should cover? Is there an overarching message that should stay consistent across all of your content? Include that here as well. 
  • Data/Reporting and Other Resources. Numbers don't lie - so give your talent the material they need to write compelling stories. Is there an annual report that might serve useful to the freelancer(s)? Is there an example piece that aligns with the tone, style, and formatting you're looking for? Don't forget to include that here. 

Still wondering how all of this might look when all said and done? Check out an example that walks through all of the information relative to a real brand HERE